About Hemi Heroes

Hemi Heroes is a project that has been inspired by my son, Lucas, who is a survivor of Pediatric Stroke and has Hemiplegia as a result. One in every 4,000 babies is born a survivor of perinatal stroke that either occurred in-utero or soon after birth. Children also have strokes during childhood and even adolescence. Many people are unaware that young people can have strokes too.

Unfortunately, each day we have to welcome new parents that are in shock, scared, or grieving for their recently diagnosed child and I want to be there to help when someone who hasn’t yet walked this path needs some guidance, help, suggestions, or just an understanding shoulder to lean on.

Hemi Heroes is a project that has been “in the works” for many years, but is only now coming to fruition on the “web” where Hemi Heroes can reach countless families dealing with Hemiplegia and parenting special needs kids in general.

Welcome and just know you’re not alone on this new and difficult journey, it does get better and every child with Hemiplegia is a Hemi Hero, they are resilient and amazing, overcoming obstacles everyday!

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